Policy Update

Regarding Covid-19


Please note when booking an appointment with PrettyEdgy Nails you are agreeing to the following policy and will ensure you follow all the steps below when attending all future appointments, this policy will be updated with each Government update.

Your Contact Information

For any treatment to go ahead you must agree to your details being stored and used (if required) for the purpose of test and trace (in regards to the Covid 19 pandemic 2020). A QR code for the NHS Test and Trace app is also available for you to scan if you wish.

In the personal care industry hygiene plays a critical part throughout all treatments, we have and always will continue to follow the below hygiene routine. So rest assured PrettyEdgy Nails has you covered. However, containing the spread of any cold or flu including this new strain takes all of us to team together and look after one another. To help me protect you, me and other clients/my family please follow the below steps when attending PrettyEdgy Nails:

Please follow the following steps when attending your appointment


Please Note:

PrettyEdgy Nails takes the upmost care in minimising cross contamination. However, viral diseases such as the common cold and flu are inevitable especially in the winter months. If you have cold or flu symptoms or have been around anyone showing flu symptoms in the last 14 days please reschedule your appointment. Three groups of people are at risk of catching your illness if you arrive at PrettyEdgy Nails unwell: Following clients, my family and myself. There is also only one of me and if I get sick, no one will be able to get their nails done. If I or anyone in my household has cold or flu symptoms ALL appointments will be rescheduled.

This policy will be reviewed every 3 months or at every Government update, whichever comes first. Thank-you for your understanding and your continued support.