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Monthly Updates

Keep up to date with upcoming notices of when new appointment dates are released, changes to opening hours over holiday periods or annual leave and general news that may be important to your upcoming appointments.

Any updates made to current policies will also be posted here.

If you would like to be alerted so you never miss an update and be the first to know of new appointment dates before they are released online please request to join the monthly WhatsApp newsletter below​


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Get In Touch

If you have any questions please drop me a WhatsApp message via the link below

Important Changes To Opening Hours

Please note that PrettyEdgy Nails is closed for appointments from February 2023-September 2023 whilst on Maternity Leave

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Please use the link below to book an appointment

February Updates


Update for my planned Maternity Leave.

PrettyEdgy Nails is currently closed from the 1st February 2023-September 2023 whilst on Maternity Leave. To book an appointment for my return please message me on WhatsApp via the link below.

December/January Updates


Update for December and January appointments and my planned Maternity Leave.



The week of December 12th will be my last working week before I am off for 2 weeks over Christmas. Unfortunately November and December are now fully booked. If you're after an appointment please let me know rough dates/times and treatment and I can place you on the cancellation list.


January appointments are now available to book however please note this will officially be my last working month before I go off on Maternity Leave (more details on this below). Due to this the online booking system is now closed to ensure no new clients can book in so please contact me directly to book an appointment.


I can't stress enough to please book your January appointments sooner vs later as I will be working limited hours compared to normal due to more frequent hospital and maternity appointments scheduled in so once all available slots are booked no others will be available until my return later in the year.

My Maternity Leave is currently planned from 1st February 2023-September 2023. To book an appointment for my return please message me on WhatsApp

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